Trevor on the Roman road

My name is Trevor Parsons,
and I live in Shoreditch,
on the Roman road from London to Lincoln.
I don't think I have any namesakes
in my immediate manor.

But there are plenty of other people called Trevor Parsons.
Perhaps you were looking for the Trevor Parsons who lives in Sheffield?
or the Trevor Parsons of the Aer Lingus Hockey Club?
or the managing director of Europa Shopfitting?
or the DJ on Chesterfield's Peak Radio 107?
or the TP that's headmaster of The Weatheralls school in Soham?
or the euphonious Trevor P. of the Kippax Band?
or the dentist in Malvern?
or the actor in Hollywood?
or the Уголок Тревора Парсонса of Vladivostok?
or the engineering researcher at University College Dublin
(if your name is Trevor Parsons and you want a link, let me know!)

A few of the things
this particular Trevor Parsons
has been involved with:

I play fiddle with The Muckers ceilidh band
I play fiddle and sing with The Elasticated Waste Band
I play drums with Honey B Mama & Friends at the Rosemary Branch

I'm a director of Interlinkx CIC which runs a community bike workshop
I helped found Cycling Club Hackney
and now keep its books
I'm an active member of the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney
I set up the HomeBikePark residential cycle parking project

I used to direct the Shoreditch Carnival & Car Free Day
I was the founding editor of the UK's first Linux magazine

I write documentation for Sourcefabric z.ú


My late father's blog: View from the Street

Rediscovered: an early Parsons publishing project

Hacking: one way to do Pine-style roles in mutt

Favourite freedom-loving physicist: YS Kim

PSTN: +442077292273
SMTP: whatever@ (this domain)